Equality and non-discrimination at Mehiläinen

Mehiläinen is committed to promoting non-discrimination, equality and diversity and requires everyone working at Mehiläinen to take these matters into account both as a guiding principle and as practical actions.

What does equality, non-discrimination and diversity at Mehiläinen mean?

Equality, non-discrimination and diversity at Mehiläinen means inclusion, consideration of each individual and individual interaction and working together in accordance with Mehiläinen's values.


Every Mehiläinen professional has the opportunity to work and advance in their career according to their abilities, regardless of their background.


In Mehiläinen's non-discriminating work community, everyone has the opportunity to work without discrimination on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, age, origin, language, nationality, family relations, religion, belief, opinion, health, disability or any other ground relating to the person.


“Mehiläinen aims to be a workplace where everyone feels good, and equality work is an important part of this. Our goal is that all employees and customers of Mehiläinen feel accepted and valued just as they are,” says Marina Lampinen, Director Of Public Affairs and Corporate Responsibility at Mehiläinen.

Mehiläinen vahvistaa yhdenvertaisuustyötään

Psykiatrian erikoislääkäri Teemu Kärnä on nimitetty Mehiläisen yhdenvertaisuus- ja tasa-arvoasioiden johtavaksi asiantuntijaksi. Konsernilaajuinen konsultatiivinen rooli tukee Mehiläisen yhdenvertaisuus ja tasa-arvotyön kehittämistä muun muassa yhdenvertaisuuskyselyn ja koulutustarjonnan parissa. Lue lisää uutisestamme.


The equality survey was taken by
more than 2,800 Mehiläinen employees

The development work for non-discrimination and equality is ongoing. Mehiläinen's equality survey was conducted for already the third time in April–May 2023, with more than 2,800 Mehiläinen employees responding to it. In 2022, there were over 2,000 respondents and, in 2021, over 1,300. Based on the surveys, the company’s equality and non-discrimination plan was updated and training for employees on how to encounter sexual diversity in customer work was arranged.


Pyysimme mehiläisiä kertomaan, mitä yhdenvertaisuus ja tasa-arvo heille heidän työssään tarkoittaa.

Jokainen ammattilainen on oma itsensä, omana persoonana, tasavertaisena osana työyhteisöä; eri ammattiryhmien edustajina. Yhdessä olemme enemmän.

MINNA, johtava lääkäri

Interacting with LGBT+ people at Mehiläinen

In cooperation with Seta's professionals, Mehiläinen has organised training for all employees on how to interact with LGBT+ people. The training focused on interacting with LGBT+ people both in customer work and in the work community, and we have received basic knowledge of different LGBT+ identities, the correct terminology and sensitive interaction. In addition, the themes of the training included attitudes and normative thinking, which can either be an obstacle to equality or an enabler of it.

“We consider it important to provide our professionals with the skills and tools to build a more equal Mehiläinen, as we are on a lifelong mission in all its diversity. In accordance with our values, everyone is welcome at Mehiläinen as their own valuable and unique self. The training arranged with Seta is a concrete way to build a Mehiläinen where every professional and customer is safe and comfortable,” says Chief Medical Officer Kaisla Lahdensuo.

“At Mehiläinen, equality and non-discrimination are the basis of our everyday life. It can be made visible, for example, by wearing Pride pins on your work clothes,” says Karolus Viitala, Business Unit Director, Private customers and Group CMO at Mehiläinen.

Mehiläinen Code of Conduct

All Mehiläinen professionals are committed to promoting equality and non-discrimination as part of Mehiläinen's Code of Conduct.

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Mehiläinen is one of the official partners of Helsinki Pride 2023. Helsinki Pride, Finland's largest celebration of human rights, the LGBT+ community and equality, will take place in June, culminating in Pride Week at the end of the month. The heart logo of Mehiläinen will once again glow in the colours of the rainbow throughout the month for equality and diversity of life.