Occupational dental care

Mehiläinen’s occupational dental care service is a comprehensive service that is easily accessible and customised to the company’s individual needs, in addition to which it is a cost-efficient way of rewarding personnel: a deductible expense for the employer and a tax-free benefit for the employee.

Good oral health prevents the onset of other diseases and sickness-related absences and shows concern for the personnel’s well-being. Offering dental care to employees shows that the employer cares about the well-being of their staff.

The scope of services and the treatment arrangements can always be agreed separately for each company. The provision of occupational dental care requires a written agreement on the arrangement of dental care for employees. The benefit must be reasonable and available to the entire staff. The benefit can be included in the ePassi and EazyBreak  employee benefit systems.

Examples of different packages for employees:

Basic oral health, 150 €/per person/year

A package for preventive oral health care services, such as:

  • Dental check-up EUR 49 + outpatient fee EUR 23.60 OR

  • Tartar removal by a dental hygienist EUR 111–145 + outpatient fee EUR 9.90

Healthy mouth, 230 €/per person/year

A package that includes typical annual preventive oral health care appointments, such as:

  • Dental check-up EUR 49 + outpatient fee EUR 23.60

  • Long-term treatment provided by a dental hygienist EUR 145 + outpatient fee EUR 9.90

Extensive oral health, 500-3000 €/per employee/year

Includes, in addition to the services of the Healthy Mouth package, the costs of typical corrective treatment procedures, such as:

  • Surface filling of two teeth EUR 153 and anaesthesia EUR 31 + long-term treatment provided by a dental hygienist EUR 145

  • Free access to the OmaMehiläinen app’s Dental and Oral Health Digital Clinic

For more info, send an email to myynti@mehilainen.fi or request an offer.