Mehiläinen as a partner of municipalities

Mehiläinen is the number one choice of municipalities when selecting a provider of social and health care services.
We offer municipalities a nationwide service network and provide services and operating models that correspond with the needs of municipalities. We maintain high quality standards in our services and monitor the impact of our treatment.

Mehiläinen has become the market leader in the provision of social and health care services with more than 100 years of experience. We have gained our customers’ unwavering trust – our net promoter score is one of the best in the industry.

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Social and health care service outsourcing and purchased services

In our operating model, the municipality and the private service provider form a partnership and set the goals for the operations, and oversee the operations in close cooperation. Our operations focus on customer orientation, rapid availability of services and continuous development.

Health centres within the customers’ freedom of choice

Mehiläinen Health Centre introduces a customer-oriented approach to the public social and health care services that municipalities are required to organise.We are currently responsible for the public primary health care service production of more than 300,000 Finns.

Emergency care services and staffing

Mehiläinen offers reliable and cost-efficient emergency services of physicians in situations municipalities may feel challenging, for example, at busy units, outside office hours or during seasonal holidays or public holidays. We provide municipal health centres with an extensive network of highly skilled physicians all around the country.

Public oral and dental care

Mehiläinen provides its public sector partners with oral and dental health care services all around the country in a customer-oriented, cost-efficient and flexible manner from comprehensive outsourcing solutions to individual services or custom service chains. Our dentist, dental nurse and dental hygienist services available on demand help resourcing the staff and, in busy times, our backlog reduction services are invaluable.

Mainikodit for the elderly

Mainikodit provides high-quality housing and care services from light residential care services to 24/7 treatment and care services. The Mainiokoti units are comfortable and safe homes where the residents and staff enjoy their time.

Residential care services for people undergoing psychiatric rehabilitation

Mehiläinen is the leading provider of private psychiatric rehabilitation and residential care services in Finland. Our psychiatric rehabilitation services ensure that our residents receive individualised and goal-oriented rehabilitation services and have the opportunity to perform meaningful and productive work. High quality and constant development of our services are the key themes of our work.

Services for people with disabilities

Mehiläinen provides individualised and supported residential care services for people with developmental or severe disabilities as well as autistic young people and adults. We also offer short-term care services for children with disabilities. Our services are designed individually according to the preferences and needs of each resident. We offer a pleasant place to live in!

Child welfare services

Familar Oy is the leading provider of private child welfare services in Finland by all measures. We provide children and their families with a wide range of highly effective services from light open family care services to specialised institutional care services. We employ more than one thousand professionals in the industry and we help thousands of people through our network.

Occupational health care services

We offer municipalities, hospital districts and companies occupational health care services ranging from comprehensive outsourced services to on-demand services of physicians and nurses. We also carry out occupational health and wellbeing consultations and offer the services of specialists.

Home services

Kotipalvelu Mehiläinen offers individually designed services that support living at home and provide assistance in different everyday situations. Our services include, for example, home nursing, treatment and care services, assistance in everyday activities as well as meal and safety phone services for the elderly, families and customers of services for people with disabilities.