Greetings from Mehiläinen Occupational Health Care!

We have sent you a questionnaire that maps your health and well-being to your OmaMehiläinen service.

Mehiläinen Wellbeing Radar is included in the occupational health service of your employer. The goal of the Wellbeing Radar is to help you with maintaining your health and workability. The Wellbeing Radar hast sent you a Are you feeling well? questionnaire, because based on your health information in Mehiläinen, it has identified that you may have a need for support to maintaining your work well-being. The Wellbeing Radar is only in the use of occupational health professionals, and it does not give any information to your employer.

The Are you feeling well? questionnaire analyses e.g., health, sleep, ability to cope, resources, and occupational well-being and helps you reflect your own situation. It is easy and quick to answer the questionnaire. After the questionnaire, you will receive immediate feedback that is saved to your use in the OmaMehiläinen service and your patient records in Mehiläinen.

Your assigned occupational health nurse receives your answers and contacts you, if necessary, so that you can book a well-being appointment. In the appointment you can discuss matters related to your health and ability to work, the possible need for examinations and treatment, and suitable means for promoting your health and working ability. You can also book an appointment to your assigned occupational health nurse by yourself for one hour.

All matters related to your health are strictly confidential. The results of the questionnaire can only be accessed by the professionals that are involved in your care in Mehiläinen. If you choose not to answer the questionnaire, the information about the findings of the Wellbeing Radar will not be visible even for the occupational specialists. However, you can contact your assigned occupational health nurse to plan your support. If you wish, you can also deny the use of the Wellbeing Radar in the OmaMehiläinen service.

You can find the questionnaire in your OmaMehiläinen mobile app or online service. If you do not have the app, you can download it from your application store.

More information about the Wellbeing Radar you can ask from your assigned occupational health nurse.

Best Regards,

Mehiläinen Working Life Services