Adding family members to your account

Adding a family memberThe OmaMehiläinen service makes it easy to access your personal and your family members’ health information in one location. If you book appointments for your child at Mehiläinen, their health information is automatically stored and available in the OmaMehiläinen service. Even if you are not a Mehiläinen customer, you can register with OmaMehiläinen and add your child to your family profile.

Adding family members under 12 to your profile

Guardians can add children under 12 directly to their family profile in OmaMehiläinen. Please note that adding a newborn is not possible. In most cases, infants can be added once they are 1 to 3 months old.

Adding family members under 12 to your profile with the OmaMehiläinen app

1. Open the OmaMehiläinen app.

2. Tap MORE at the bottom of the view.


4. Add a family member by entering their personal identity code and tapping ADD FAMILY MEMBER.

Adding family members aged 12–17 to your profile

Adding a family member aged 12–17 to your family profile always requires the consent of the child. The consent can be given by filling in the family profile consent form ( pdf, 57.8 kB). By submitting this form, the child gives their consent for their guardians accessing their profile information.

The child signs the consent. The form must be re-submitted when the child turns 15. After this, the consent is valid until the child reaches the age of 18. After this, the guardian’s access to the child’s information ends automatically. The health information displayed in the profile of children aged 12–17 includes appointments, diagnoses and test results.

Adding family members over 12 to your profile

In order to add a family member aged 12–17 to your family profile, fill in the family profile consent form (form in Finnish) together with the child. Both the guardian’s and the child’s signature are required. The signed form must be delivered to the closest Mehiläinen location or scanned and sent by encrypted e-mail to

Please note that the form must be signed by both the child giving their consent and the guardian in order to add the child to the family profile.

The consent form can also be filled in at Mehiläinen’s locations. Before adding a family member to the family profile, Mehiläinen will verify the custody of the child from the Population Register Centre. The family member will be added to the profile on the next business day after the form has been submitted.

Customers who use LocalTapiola’s TerveysHelppi service must fill in a corresponding form in order to manage the matters of children over 12 in their custody in the TerveysHelppi service. The TerveysHelppi consent form (form in Finnish) must be filled in and submitted in the same way as the OmaMehiläinen family profile consent form: either at a Mehiläinen location or by sending a scanned and signed form using encrypted e-mail to

More information about processing the health information of minors over 12

We comply with section 9 of the Act on the Status and Rights of Patients*: “If a minor patient because of his/her age or level of development can decide on the treatment given to him/her, he/she has a right to forbid providing his/her guardian or other legal representative with information on his state of health and care.” The explanatory memorandum of the legislation states that, in practice, nearly all children over 12 are mature enough to decide on the treatment given to them. In compliance with this statement, the guardians’ access to the child’s health information in the OmaMehiläinen service ends automatically when the child turns 12.

*Act on the Status and Rights of Patients (785/17 August 1992)  (in Finnish)

Adding family members over 18 to your profile

Family members over 18 can send and accept requests to be added to a family profile in their own profile. This process does not require filling in a form. If the family member aged over 18 does not have personal online banking credentials, a consent form ( pdf, 57.8 kB) (form in Finnish) must be filled in so that the OmaMehiläinen administration can add the family member to the family profile.

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