Mehiläinen continued its strong growth during 2016 with a significant improvement in profitability. At the same time, the Net Promoter Score providing a real-time measurement of the customer experience in Mehiläinen’s healthcare services reached the highest ratings of all time.

During the year, the company made significant investments in growth, and was also able to strengthen its financial position. Managing Director Janne-Olli Järvenpää expects profitable growth and high customer satisfaction to continue in 2017.

In 2016, Mehiläinen Group revenue amounted to EUR 590.1 million (IFRS) (in 2015: EUR 505.2 million). Revenue increased by 16.8% from the comparable revenue for the previous year.

Year 2016 was a year of strong growth

“Year 2016 was another year of strong growth and development for us. We gained several new clients, carried out successful acquisitions, and made investments in new units,” Janne-Olli Järvenpää, Managing Director of Mehiläinen, states.

Despite the strong growth, the group experienced a significant improvement in profitability in comparison to the previous year.

  • Profit for the year doubled from the previous year to EUR 13.2 million, representing a profit margin of 2.2% (2015: EUR 6.3 million or 1.2%).

  •  EBIT increased 45% from the previous year to EUR 33.1 million, representing an EBIT margin of 5.6% (2015: EUR 22.8 million or 4.5%).

  • Underlying EBITDA increased 28% from the previous year to EUR 64.4 million, representing an underlying EBITDA margin of 10.9% (2015: EUR 50.1 million or 9.9%).

“We are extremely satisfied with the development of the profit in 2016, especially considering that the profit was burdened by the increased financing costs, depreciations and costs related to integrations related to the strong growth and acquisitions,” Järvenpää adds.

Customer satisfaction rates at an all-time high

Mehiläinen measures its customer satisfaction using a real-time Net Promoter Score. In 2016, the NPS increased to 86, compared to 83 in 2015.

”Our measured customer satisfaction during the year saw the highest numbers of all time with regard to all services offered by us. According to surveys, Mehiläinen is seen as the operator offering the highest-quality services, and the professional skills of our personnel are evaluated as the best,” Järvenpää says.

Investments in Finland

Mehiläinen increased its service network with 34 new healthcare or social service units in various parts of the country. Mehiläinen also made two significant acquisitions which complement the company’s social care offering: child welfare service provider MilaPro Oy (on 20th of May 2016) and care service provider Mainio Vire Oy (on 1st of August 2016). All in all, Mehiläinen operates now in more than 290 locations nationwide.

By the end of the year, the number of personnel employed by Mehiläinen grew by approximately 3,000; and all in all, more than 11,500 professionals worked in the company during 2016. As a domestic employer, Mehiläinen is among the top 20 largest companies in Finland.


  • Revenue EUR 590.1 million (2015: EUR 505.2 million, increase 16.8%)

  • Underlying EBITDA1) EUR 64.4 million (2015: EUR 50.1 million, increase 28.5%)

  • Underlying EBITA2) EUR 47.1 million (2015: 36.4 million, increase 23.9 %)

  • Profit for the financial year EUR 13.2 million (2015: EUR 6.3 million, increase 109.0%)

  • Tax footprint3) EUR 127.3 million (2015: EUR 102.5 million, increase 24.3%)

  • Corporation tax for the year EUR 4.5 million (2015: EUR 3.8 million, increase 18.9%)

  • Investments EUR 18.0 million (2015: EUR 14.1 million, increase 27.5%)

  • Number of personnel, on average 4,502 FTE (2015: 3,798 FTE, increase 18.5%)

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) 86 (2015: 83)

1) Underlying EBITDA is earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization and items affecting comparability

2 Underlying EBITA is earnings before interest, tax, amortization of intangible assets arisen from acquisitions and items affecting comparability

3) Tax footprint including employer’s contributions. In addition to Mehiläinen’s own corporate tax footprint comes the tax footprint of the private practitioners operating at Mehiläinen, which amounts to approximately EUR 43.3 million (2015: EUR 42.6 million)