Handling matters on behalf of another person

A person aged 18 or older, who is legally competent and able to understand the significance of a power of attorney can authorise another adult to handle matters on his or her behalf at Mehiläinen. The authorisation is made with a power of attorney, in which the rights of the representative to handle matters on behalf of the grantor are documented as accurately as possible.

If you want to authorise another person to act on your behalf at Mehiläinen, follow these steps:

1. Print out the “Power of attorney for handling matters on behalf of another person at Mehiläinen Oy" from our website or ask for a form at one of our clinics.

2. Fill in the form and hand it in at any Mehiläinen clinic (see Mehiläinen locations here). Unfortunately, for reasons related to data protection, we are not able to accept forms electronically, for example by e-mail.

The person authorised in the power of attorney may also deliver the document. If the power of attorney is delivered by the authorised person, there must be two witnesses to the power of attorney.

3. Please provide a photo ID when delivering the form. This way, we can verify your identity and ensure data security for all of our clients. The following documents can be used to verify identity:

  • Passport (issued by a member state of the European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland, or an authority in San Marino)
  • Driver’s licence (issued by a Finnish authority)
  • Photo ID card issued by the police

The power of attorney will be archived in the patient register in accordance with Mehiläinen's guidelines.

Revocation of power of attorney

If you want to revoke a power of attorney, fill in the “Revocation of power of attorney” form and follow the steps specified above. The revocation of the power of attorney will be archived in the patient register in accordance with Mehiläinen's guidelines.

Instructions for the representative/grantee

As an authorised representative/grantee, you must always prove your identity when acting on behalf of another at Mehiläinen. If you are using Mehiläinen’s services over the phone, be prepared to give your name, personal identification number and home address, as well as the name and personal identification number of the grantor.

Contact information

If you have any questions concerning handling matters on behalf of another person, please contact our customer service at 010 414 00 (0,084 €/min). Our customer service is available 24/7.

Handling matters on behalf of a child

Only the official guardian(s) of the child may handle matters on behalf of an underaged child. The guardian's information is recorded in the child's data in the patient information system.

An underaged child can be linked to the guardian's family profile in OmaMehiläinen, in which case all the child's health information is automatically displayed to the guardian in OmaMehiläinen. Learn more about family profiles.

A guardian can also see the health information of an underage child in My Kanta .