The HeiaHeia service for the personnel’s well-being

The HeiaHeia well-being technology supports the monitoring of occupational well-being and the prevention of work disability

Co-operation between Mehiläinen and HeiaHeia enables the building of well-being programmes that cover the whole personnel on the basis of the control data. Electronic chartings of health and well-being, together with the well-being technology, provides us with a unique method of collecting valuable information on the various areas of occupational well-being in work communities. This offers concrete benefits for both the employer and the employees.

  • The control data offers the corporate management useful information on the personnel’s coping at work, their well-being and their job satisfaction. On the basis of the results, the company can receive suggested corrective measures, as necessary. In addition, the control data enables comparing the company to other companies of the field and, thus, it creates a basis for building a development programme for occupational well-being.
  • The control data benefits the employees as well, since it enables providing them with immediate feedback on their own well-being with the help of a quick identification of risk factors and various educational programmes. At an individual level, the control data enables the sharing of selected personal data and providing encouragement.

The overview on well-being enables the prevention of possibly emerging problems. At the same time, the employees can be offered more comprehensive and more carefully targeted well-being services, in addition to the basic occupational health care.

The HeiaHeia service for your company?

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