White Spot treatment for tooth discolouration

Many people have stains, stripes and white or brown spots on their teeth. In most cases, they are caused by defective enamel development but, in some cases, they can also be due to excessive intake of fluoride from drinking water. Orthodontic treatment can also damage the enamel and cause stains. Tooth whitening is recommended before beginning White Spot treatment in order to improve the end results.

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Both brown and white spots can be treated with ICON infiltration treatment, also known as White Spot Treatment, performed by a dental hygienist. The treatment repairs or completely eliminates superficial damage sustained by the teeth.

The treatment can be performed on one or more teeth simultaneously. The majority of cosmetically disturbing spots are on the incisors or other teeth that are visible when you smile.

Progress of White Spot treatment

The White Spot treatment, also known as ICON infiltration treatment, consists of three phases. Before the treatment, a dental hygienist will cover your gums with a light-cured gum protector. The treatment is safe once the gums are protected, and it can be performed on children as well.

In the first phase of the actual treatment, the stained tooth is exposed to hydrochloric acid. In the next phase, the tooth is dried with ethanol and, finally, a treatment agent is spread on top of the tooth to eliminate the stains and close the surface of the tooth. You will not feel anything during the procedure.

Over the course of the treatment plan, this three-phase operation is repeated three times. In most cases, tooth stains become smaller or are eliminated altogether. If the stain extends deep into the tooth, eliminating it might not be possible.

The tooth may feel rough after the treatment, but this will subside in a short while. The tooth will be polished at the end of the treatment. The tooth’s enamel is not damaged during the treatment. You should not eat or drink anything for an hour after the treatment.

The results of White Spot treatment are permanent and require no regular maintenance. If the results of a single treatment are not adequate, the treatment can be performed again.

Whitening prior to White Spot treatment

Tooth whitening is recommended before beginning White Spot treatment in order to improve the end results. The best results are achieved through a combination of effective whitening and White Spot treatment.

If you are not sure whether White Spot treatment is suitable for you, book an appointment for a free consultation. A dental hygienist can assess whether the treatment is suitable for your teeth.

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The expert consulted for the article was Hammas Mehiläinen’s dental hygienist Enni Janhunen.


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