Toothache is usually caused by a cavity. Pain may also be caused by an inflamed tooth or a partially erupted wisdom tooth. If you experience toothache, you should visit a dentist as soon as possible as oral problems do not subside spontaneously.

Visit a dentist if you have toothache

The first symptoms of a cavity may include a shooting pain in your tooth when, for example, you are eating or drinking something cold or sweet. A throbbing pain may be caused by the infection of the end of the tooth root. Pain in a wisdom tooth may be felt near the ear. However, as it is difficult to determine the reason for pain on the basis of the pain alone, you should always visit a dentist if you have toothache.

Hammas Mehiläinen provides quick relief for toothache

If you have toothache, you should seek treatment as quickly as possible. Pain can be temporarily relieved with painkillers, but these do not eliminate the underlying reason.

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Hampaan keraaminen paikkaus234-587 €
217-587 €
Yhdestä-kolmeen pintaa
Hampaan keraaminen kruunu517-632 €
517-632 €
Puudutus33-34 €
30-31 €
Lohkeama87-238 €
77-215 €
Hinta-arvio hammaslääkäriltä
Hampaan poisto99-667 €
89-605 €
Valkaisukonsultaatio0 €
0 €
Hampaiden valkaisu84-467 €
84-467 €
Hinta-arvio maksuttomassa valkaisukonsultaatiossa
Poliklinikkamaksu23,60 €
23,60 €
Alennettu poliklinikkamaksu 9,90 €
9,90 €
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