Laser dental treatment

Lasers can be used in various applications in dentistry, such as fillings, root canal treatment, gum surgery and gum reshaping. Lasers can also be used to boost the results of tooth whitening.

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In laser drilling, the laser beam is targeted along the surface of the tissue. Lasers allow for quicker, higher quality and painless dental care than before, and it has been very useful for many customers with dental fear.

Laser dentistry has a wide variety of advantages

When a laser is applied, the filling of a tooth does not involve the vibrating sensation of a drill. It also eliminates the commonly unpleasant sound of the drill. The pulse of the laser is so short that the pain receptors do not have the time to react to it. In addition to fillings, the laser is a useful tool in root canal treatment and the extraction of wisdom teeth.

Compared with conventional dental care, laser treatment typically causes less haemorrhaging and swelling and the resulting wounds heal faster. The majority of customers do not require the use of anaesthetics during filling.

The use of a laser beam is hygienic as the laser eliminates the bacteria of the teeth. As a result, less chemicals are required and the tissue heals faster after the procedure. Long-term use of antibiotics is not necessary as often.

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ServicePriceDeductibleMore information
Dental check-up 72 €
56,50 €
Dental X-ray of the teeth and jaws 99 €
90 €
83 € (kelakorvauksen jälkeen, lääkärin lähetteellä 74 €)

Panoramic tomography

Tartar removal96-170 €
91-152 €

30–45 minute appointment with a dental hygienist

Dental fillings 91-248 €
81-225 €

1–3 surfaces

Ceramic filling244-675 €
227-601 €

1–3 surfaces

Dental crown 538-698 €
538-698 €

Laboratory costs are not included in the price estimate.

Anaesthesia 35-36 €
32-33 €
Chipped tooth91-248 €
81-225 €

Price estimate from a dentist

Tooth extraction103-694 €

Price estimate from a dentist

Whitening consultation appointment0 €
0 €
Tooth whitening 86-399 €
86-399 €

Price estimate given at the free consultation appointment