Dental care for children

Looking after the teeth of a child is important as the future condition of the teeth is based on childhood. Healthy milk teeth are usually an indicator of the permanent teeth not developing cavities unless the child’s diet changes significantly.

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The bacterial flora of the mouth is formed in early childhood. If a child reaches the age of five without any cavities in their milk teeth, they are likely to have healthy teeth at an older age. Several dental issues can be avoided by looking after the condition of the child’s teeth.

Objective healthy milk teeth

The key objective of paediatric dental care is to keep the milk teeth in good condition and in place for an adequately long period of time. If cavities develop in a milk tooth and it needs to be extracted, the permanent tooth replacing it may malposition itself and the child may need orthodontic treatment.

Energetic children are also more likely to have injuries in the mouth. In the case of an injury, you should visit a dentist as soon as possible to check the situation.

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Tooth brushing and regular meal times prevent the development of cavities

The best way to prevent the development of cavities is to maintain a regular meal rhythm, avoid snacks and brush your teeth twice a day. Dental caries is an infectious disease most commonly passed on to children by their parents. Parents should not use the same spoon as their children.

Children are particularly vulnerable to cavities in the tooth eruption phase, i.e. when the child is under two years old and when their permanent teeth are erupting between the ages of 5–7 or 10–13.

How often should children visit a dentist for a dental check-up?

Growing children should have their teeth checked by a dentist and thoroughly cleaned by a dental hygienist once a year.

Dentists are able to detect any developmental disturbances at a very early stage and correct them with orthodontic treatment, for instance.

Children with dental fear

Hammas Mehiläinen offers a variety of ways for treating patients with dental fear. The treatment can be performed under general anaesthesia, if necessary.

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