Give a Mehiläinen gift card as a gift

With a Mehiläinen gift card you will invest in your loved ones’ health and show them, that their wellbeing is important to you. The gift card is in the form of a digital gift card and it is delivered to the recipient by a text message and an email. If wanted, you can buy the gift card for yourself first and then print it or send it to the recipient.

A gift card is accepted as payment in all of Mehiläinen’s medical centers and it can be freely used for the services offered in these medical centers. When paying at the cashier, the gift card works like a normal gift card. At the cashier, the person must show the gift card either from their phone or as a printed version. The gift card also works as payment in Felicitas Mehiläinen and Hammas Mehiläinen locations. The gift card is valid for 12 months from the purchase date. The gift card does not need to be used all at once, it can also be used in parts.

Buying a gift card

MA Mehiläinen gift card can be easily bought from Mehiläinen’s online store (in Finnish).

You can read more about Mehiläinen’s gift card from the Questions and Answers section (in Finnish).

Read the general terms of contract and delivery of the Mehiläinen Oy online store from here ( pdf, 331 kB) (in Finnish).

Go to the Mehiläinen online store from here.