Traffic Mehiläinen

Traffic Mehiläinen offers a high-quality process of assessing people’s health and its impact on their capacity to operate a variety of vehicles. Traffic Mehiläinen employs doctors specialised in the assessment of drivers’ health and fitness to drive and experts from various specialties.

The designated occupational health team of a company can consult the traffic experts of Mehiläinen and take advantage of the wide range of examinations available. The service includes close collaboration with experts of assessing a person’s fitness to drive and various stakeholders.

Liikenne Mehiläinen

The goal is to improve the health and fitness of people who operate vehicles and to increase traffic safety

Traffic Mehiläinen offers a high-quality, comprehensive health assessment for

  • drivers

A high-quality, comprehensive work ability assessment for

  • professional drivers
  • the rail traffic industry
  • the aviation industry
  • the maritime transport industry

For more information about Traffic Mehiläinen, please contact:

Heljä Pyyhtiä

Heljä Pyyhtiä, Product Manager