Straightforward return to work from a work accident

All Mehiläinen clinics have begun to use an improved and more efficient treatment model that guarantees a straightforward treatment chain from the first aid administered after a work accident to the employee’s return to work. According to the model, the employee’s rehabilitation plan and need for sick leave are always designed and determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the quality of the injury, operations performed, the work environment and the position of the employee.

When a work accident occurs, it is important to seek medical attention at a Mehiläinen clinic in order to carry out the entire treatment path from the accident and possible operation to returning to work as quickly and effortlessly as possible. If the doctor deems that an operation is necessary, they will request a payment commitment from the insurance company. In most cases, the operation can be performed in 3–5 business days from the date when the payment commitment has been received by Mehiläinen, depending on the medical grounds for the date of operation.

After the operation, the occupational health nurse will contact the employee on the first or second week of sick leave, depending on the operation performed. The employee and the occupational health nurse will begin preparing for the employee’s return to work by taking the restrictions regarding mobility and stress deemed necessary by the doctor into account.

In addition to the employee, employer, operating doctor and the occupational health nurse, the team that supports returning to work can also include an occupational physiotherapist  and a work coach , if necessary. If it is determined that the employee cannot continue in their previous job after the operation and rehabilitation period, new possible tasks or training can be planned already in the early phases of the process.