Ensuring your brain health

Today’s working life is full of tough demands, and these pose a new type of stress on your brain capacity. The amount of information that needs to be processed at work has increased exponentially. We are constantly handling simultaneous, unfinished and complex work tasks, as well as dealing with and responding to information received from various sources. Constant changes in information systems require us to be capable of learning new things all the time and to be ready to absorb new information.

The changed working life is a health risk

The physical working conditions of employees have also undergone changes. Previously, employees usually worked alone more often or in spacious premises. However, many companies have, either due to ideological or financial reasons, made decisions to make work facilities more compact by setting up open-plan offices or multi-purpose office spaces. Due to the more compact work facilities, employees are more susceptible to constant interruptions and a larger information flux from their environment.

The changed demands of working life and coping with them have brought about new types of health risks. An excess and inappropriate loading of the brain weakens our memory, makes learning new things more difficult, and impairs our ability to concentrate. In our work performance, the overloading of the brain is easily manifested as increased errors, forgetfulness, decreased work efficiency, and delayed work tasks.

At Mehiläinen, we take care of the well-being of your brain

At Mehiläinen, we have focused particularly on nurturing brain health. We have developed the content of our health inspections so that they would take the identification of risks related to brain health into consideration even better, and would also provide an opportunity to guide and instruct the employee on how to adapt their work methods and work environment to be more observant of optimal brain performance.

The occupational psychologists at Mehiläinen have been trained in cognitive psychology, which has provided them with excellent skills and expertise with regard to giving advice and counselling on issues related to cognitive ergonomics. Cognitive ergonomics seeks to find ways to optimise the employee’s well-being and cognitive performance, and to accomplish productive work performance.

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