Lääkäri tutkii potilasta
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We would like to know how you feel about your visit to Mehiläinen and, on the basis of the service you have received, whether you would recommend Mehiläinen to your family or friends.

In addition to high-quality therapy, we want to treat our customers with a personalised, caring and appreciative attitude. To reach this goal, we use various methods to collect feedback from our customers. The feedback helps us to understand the experiences of our customers better and to further improve our operations.

Our customers’ stories about us

They took us seriously, we got answers to our questions, and the doctor catered for the child patient very well!’ Mother of a 9-year-old

I was a bit scared before the scan but the convivial atmosphere helped me to relax and the inspiring attitude of the personnel encouraged me. All ended well.’ Woman, 56 years

My wholehearted thanks to the paediatrician! He was very competent and catered well for our frightened and tense child. Our child had a pleasant experience and he hasn’t been afraid of doctors since our appointment. This doctor has made the right career choice.’ Mother of a 3-year-old

An enquiry by text message sent to the customer after the appointment

A random sample of the customers who have visited Mehiläinen receive a text message asking them to evaluate their visit. We also hope to receive feedback on how we can improve the customer experience in the future.

Responding to the NPS survey is voluntary but it is an easy and effective way to give positive and negative feedback and suggestions for improvement to Mehiläinen. The cost to the customer is the same as a normal text message. If the customer is unwilling to take part in the NPS survey, he or she can prohibit the service messages in the OmaMehiläinen service. It is also possible to prohibit the messages by calling our customer service or by asking the medical staff at  Mehiläinen’s reception to note the preference in the customer information.

Mehiläinen uses the NPS survey in all 27 medical centres throughout Finland. The text message enquiry will be sent to the customer 2 hours after the appointment with the doctor or other expert (such as occupational health nurse, physiotherapist).

Mehiläinen includes nearly all specialist appointments (including occupational health care) and some visits to the laboratory and imaging services within the scope of this measurement. Customer visits to the hospital are not yet included in the feedback measurement. We send a maximum of one NPS message to a single customer in a six-month period.

Our customers can also provide feedback using the feedback form

NPS provides information on patients’ willingness to recommend

We collect feedback from our customers via several channels, using the internationally well-known and widely-used recommendation index, the NPS meter (Net Promoter Score). NPS is a method of measurement for customer experience, providing real-time information on the number of customers who would recommend Mehiläinen. The NPS score can be anything between -100 and 100, and a score of over 60 can be considered as a very good result. The higher the score, the higher the number of our customers who are willing to recommend Mehiläinen to their family and friends.

Why is NPS measurement used?

NPS was introduced at Mehiläinen because we want to improve our operations and services in a more customer-oriented direction. If the customer has provided negative feedback, we ask them to specify the parts of the service that he or she was unsatisfied with and what we should do differently next time.